Audio Karate - Nintendo 89 tab

newish band, homepage, ther is a large demand for this tab
amongst sum of the punk comunity. all buy their album "space camp"

 G----6-88-6-88-668-  x3 then....

E----------------------- B----------------------- G----11-11-9-8-9-11-9-8- D----9--9--9-9-9-9--9-9- A----------------------- E-----------------------
repeat that again, and that is guitar 1's intro/main riff. the 2nd gtar is easy chords that i cant b bothered to tab, figure em out, it'll make u a better player!!!solo is coming as soon as this tab gets the respect it deserves, it is 100% correct cuz i saw them live at the charlotte and asked jason afta the gig. queries comments
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