Audioslave - Man Or Animal tab

Song: Man or Animal
Artist: Audioslave
Album: Out of Exile
Tabbed by Charlie Larson
Standard tuning (EADGBe)

After six seconds of Morello making some kind of noise with his guitar, play this four times.E|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------| 4xA|--0----------0----------0----------0----2---| (2x Second Time)E|----2--0-2-----2--0-2-----2--0-2-----2------|
Then it goes into the first part of the verse. Play this twice, with plenty of distortion.E|--------------------------------------------|B|o-----------(F# Power Chords)---------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|o-4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx----| 2xA|--4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx--4-4--xxx----|E|--2-2--xxx--2-2--xxx--2-2--xxx--2-2--xxx----|
Then the second part of the verse. You might do something with the whammy bar to get thein pitch here that the bass is giving, but it’s not necessary.E|---------------------------------------------|B|------------(B Power Chords)----------------o|G|--4-4--444-4-4-44-4-4-44--4-4--4-444--44-44--| Repeat toD|--4-4--444-4-4-44-4-4-44--4-4--4-444--44-44-o| part one ofA|--2-2--222-2-2-22-2-2-22--2-2--2-222--22-22--| the verse.E|---------------------------------------------|
Then it repeats to the beginning of the first part of the verse, the F# power chords,twice, and the second part, played once. After this, play the chorus, which is this littleplayed three times.E|--------------------------| [(Note: The first power chord ]B|--------------------------| [is actually lower, but to keep ]G|--2------------------4----| [standard tuning, just play what]D|--2------2------4--4-4----| 3x [I’ve written. Or you could take]A|--0------2------4--4-2----| [the second power chord and drop]E|---------0------2--2------| [it lower with the whammy bar.) ]
Then repeat the entire thing, keeping all the repeats and playing twice, three times, unless otherwise noted. After you’ve played the entire thing twice, play the intro twice. The solo follows but on your own for that. If you’re really improvisation impaired, then just keep playing the which the bass does.
Then after the solo, you’re going to play the chorus, but it’s morphed with the intro ofsong. Play this four times, but on the forth time leave out the part that sounds likeintro and go straight back to the introduction itself.E|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|--2----4--------------------------| 4xA|--2----4---0----------0-----------|E|--0----2-----2--0-2-----2--0-2----|
Play the introduction until the end, when you end on this.E|--------|B|--------|G|--4~~~--|D|--4~~~--|A|--2~~~--|E|--------|
That’s it! When covering this with my band, I like to throw in some slides at the end of chorus occasionally. If you have any questions, comments, corrections, whatever, email to | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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