Audiovent - Underwater Silence tab

Band- Audiovent
Song- Underwater Silence

Verse (here in your coma...)

Pre-Chorus (tonight...)

Chorus (you dream under lonely eyelids...)E|-7--75--3--31--0--2-3--5-|B|-7--75--3--31--0--2-3--5-| repeat 2 timesG|-9--97--5--53--2--4-5--7-|D|-9--97--5--53--2--4-5--7-|A|-7--75--3--31--0--2-3--5-|E|-7--75--3--31--0--2-3--5-|
Verse (here in your empty...) Pre-Chorus Chorus
Interlude after (holding me down...)D|-9--6--5-|A|-9--6--5-| repeat 3 times then whats down then up again and thats itE|-7--4--3-|
D|-7--10-|A|-7--10-| 1 timeE|-5--8--|
Pre-Chorus (tonight, you are emotionless...) Chorus
Ending (keep me alive in youuuuuuuu...)E|-7--3--0--2-3--5-|B|-7--3--0--2-3--5-|G|-9--5--2--4-5--7-|D|-9--5--2--4-5--7-|A|-7--3--0--2-3--5-|E|-7--3--0--2-3--5-|
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