Audrey Assad – For Love Of You chords ver. 3

Intro: Am  C   G   D/F#

Am C G D/F#You live in a million places
Am C G D/F#Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
Am C there is a trace of You
G Din every alleluia
Am C G D/F#every song that I sing
Cfor love of You
G D Emi'm a sky on fire
CAnd because of You
G D Emi come alive
C G Em it's Your Sacred Heart within me beating
D C Em DYour voice within me singing out for love of You
intro You are the highway i travel cause i watched You carve streets of gold from sin and gravel i gave You brokenness You gave me innocence and now this road leads to glory
Em DYou are my deepest longing
C G D/F# so i see You everywhere
Em D C G D/F#it's You i'm chasing after
Em D C Gcause i am captivated by who You are
D/F#and how You move
Em D Ci'll follow You forever
Chorus Intro
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