Augustana – Hurricane tab

Augustana  "Hurricane"

E A Down on Third Avenue E A The singer's singin' the blues E A And I got nothin' to lose E A I'm just comin' back for you E A Well, life is a sign of the times E A Man, faith is a sight for the blind E A And love is a riddle and rhyme E A And time goes quickly by A E Like hell on high wire A E I'm caught in a wildfire A E Lights are blinding C#m B The river's winding A E Heaven's rain fell A E On fallen angels A E C#m B Never minding the silver lining A B Well, you can only pray E A When you're waiting out the hurricane E A Waiting out the hurricane Well, sinners sin with the saints And givers give what they take Oh, and lovers love what you hate Man, I know it's never too late Chorus A E The rider's out on the run A E The valley leads to the sun C#m Walkdown All colors bleed into one…
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