Augustana - Heart Shaped Gun tab

Augustana- Heart Shaped Gun
Daniel Connell

Standard Tuning
**capo on 5th Fret**

Chords Used-

G-     320033
Em- 022033D- 000232Am- 002233
Intro-----------------------|------3-----0---------|--0--0-0---0----------| Repeat Twice- listen to the song if you arent--0-----0-0-----------| familiar with this tune.--2H3-----0H2---------|----------------------|
Verse- Play Intro- Sky black and blue Blue turn to red I'm in love with you, girl I might as well be dead Bridge- Em Cadd9 I ain't a fool G And honey you're just a kid Em Cadd9 A bottle of wine G And a pack of cigarettes D Your cigarettes Chorus- Cadd9 G D Hey boy you're bleeding for nothing Cadd9 G Am It's hard to miss when you're shooting a heart shaped gun Cadd9 G D You'll slit your skin to find freedom Cadd9 G Am Cadd9 You'll kill yourself to find anything at all Verse 2 Intro Tab or Play Cadd9 then G as chords depending on your preference. Cadd9 G Lock all the doors And put the child to rest Slip on down your skirt, babe C'mon lower down your dress Bridge- Em 'Cause I got the keys Cadd9 Straight to your heart G I can't afford a ring And it's tearin you apart Em The castle wall's been breached, babe Cadd9 I'm kissin down your neck G You're just throwin rocks D And slippin into bed Chorus Em Well the money's slow Am And the cancer rolls Cadd9 G Gotch your baby due in July Em Well if I can fake it Am Yeah the cash could take it Cadd9 D Our troubles, our worries, our problems all away Chorus Keep the Dream Alive.
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