Augustana - Bullets Live Acoustic tab

                           Tabbed by: Mark Peters

There's a video of this song on youtube, with two guitars, but im only going to tab out
i'd say is the lead guitar, out of the two.

The song is pretty simple... i'm having a few problems with figuring out how far he
up the guitar and how he plays certain chords, mainly because it's dark in the video, and
because i'm 19 and only picked up my first instrument: the guitar! 4-5 months ago, so 
not very well ear trained! (Also, my guitar is crap and goes out of tune as you move
up the fret board!) But other than that the majority of this should be pretty good!.. i hope!

The song is half picking and half strumming really.. if you're new to playing, then i'd
strumming all the way through. You still get the fundementals of the song down, without
it too hard.

**Im aware that the interlude chords MAY be wrong, so if any kind person would like to
me, just email and i'll sort it**

Tuning: Standard *No Capo*

Intro (Arppegiated)

(This pattern is repeated through the verses too, but you can just strum the chords, 
is what he does)

Intro/Verses (Chords)
Pre-Chorus (This could still be B string - 3,but sounds wrong on my guitar) Shaaaame...
Lights in the car in the park...
Interlude: It's in my head.....
After the Acoustic Guitar solo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.....
e|-----0-----0-----------------------------------|B|-----3-----3-----------------------------------|G|-----0-----0-----X2--BACK TO INTERLUDE CHORDS--|D|-----0-----2-----------------------------------|A|-----2-----3-----------------------------------|E|-----3-----0-----------------------------------|
It's in my head My head I know
CHORUS CHORDS ALL THE WAY TILL THE END (you might have to change the rhythm a bit when it comes to the repeated 'its in my part at the end.. and maybe speed up chord changed) Lyrics: Come fly down, like a singing bird Sings your name, I am still the same, Black and white, no you're not to blame, Holly sweet...put me down to shame... Lights in the car in the park, I'm falling on my face I know who we are... And I ain't looking down for the rest of the night A bullet in my head ended late last night... Jack and coke, please take off your coat, Come and smile, please stay here a while, Come and dance, shuffle with a glance, When you're gone, bring in for the dawn... She's shaking in the car with the gun in her hands, Falling over love and a sweet romance, And I ain't never thought it could come down to this, A bullet in my head, with the sweetest's in my head It's in my head My head I know She's shaking in the car with the gun in her hands, Falling over love and a sweet romance, And I ain't never thought it could come down to this, A bullet in my head My head My head It's in my head It's in my head Now it's in my head It's in my head Now it's in my head THE END | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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