Aura Dione - Song For Sophie tab version 4

Tabbed by myself :) It's not the original version but it sounds good for me:)
Capo on 4th fret :)

Intro + 1.Versee|0----2-----3----2---|B|---0-----0----0----0|D|--0-----0----0----2-| G|-2---0-0----2----1--| A|-----------3----2---|E|0-------------------| --> Repeat 5 times
Refrain e|0-----0---2-----2----|B|---------0----0-----0|D|----0---0----2-----2-|G|---2---2--0-0---0-0--|A|3-3---3--------------|E|---------------------| ---> Repeat 3 times
Choruse|3-----2-----0----2----|B|----0-----0----0-----0|D|---0-----2----0-----2-|G|------0-0----2---0-0--|A|--2---------3---------|E|3---------------------| ---> Repeat 5 times
Verse2, Refrain, 6x Chorus, pause 10 tacts, 6x Chorus !! If you have any corrections please let me know ! :) Domme
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