Australian Crawl - Indisposed tab

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Subject: a/australian_crawl/indisposed.crd



Sorry if the lyrisc are wrong, but if you know
James Reyne, this song is actually one that he
sings reasonable clearly, so you can imagine
some of his others!!!!

The solo's and intro may have the odd difference,
but this should give you somewhere to start and
it should be fairly close.



A       G    (3  times)

(bottom 2 strings)
	    A			      G

Verse 1: A G Wanna tell you 'bout my Frenda A G He got hit by a Fender A G But he'll soon be on the menda A G He's of the male genda Pre Chorus: D E Glad to see that he's on his way F#m D He's not for Buriel today Chorus: A G Because he's in He's indisposed E G G# A Because he's in yeah yeah He's indisposed Verse 2: A G Found him outside the dry cleaners A G Ooh the drivers misdemeanors A G I've never seen a face so greena A G He looks a like the cats dinner Pre Chorus: Chorus:I Solo:
Repeat Intro: A G He got hit by a car A G Now he's lying on the tar A G Had an experience bizarre A G Not unlike that makes you laugh ra ra hey Pre Chorus: Chorus:
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