Autolux - Capital Kind Of Strain tab

Tabbed by: itsonlycapital

Tuning: Half step down

The whole song is mainly a single guitar riff backed by Carla's
awesome echoing drums.  The bass (if you're curious) doesn't
even come in until over two-thirds into the song and adds noise
and feedback with an Ab note bending up to and down from an A note.

This is the main guitar part.  It's not much work for your
fretting hand, but it can help if you're just learning alternate
picking.  Let all the notes ring here.

e e e e e e e e q q q qD#|--------------------------|----------------------|A#|--------------------------|----------------------|F#|-----------------9--------|----------------------|C#|-----------7-----------7--|----------------------|G#|-----0--------------------|----------------------|D#|--8-----8-----8-----8-----|--8----8----10----10--|
Greg will sometimes change the ending on that riff with
q q q q q q q qD#|--------------------| |--------------------|A#|--------------------| |--------------------|F#|--------------------| -or- |--------------------|C#|--------------------| |--------------------|G#|------------9----9--| |--------------------|D#|--8----8------------| |--8----8----9----9--|
Just before the three minute mark Greg tosses in this piece:
e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e eD#|--------------------------|------------------------------|A#|--------------------------|------------------------------|F#|-----------------9--------|-------------6-------------4--|C#|-----------7-----------7--|------------------------------|G#|-----0--------------------|----------0-------------0-----|D#|--8-----8-----8-----8-----|--8\5--5--------5\3--3--------|
After that, at about 3:21, during the fadeout before the noisefest Greg just plays a number of bars of quarter B notes on the D# string. Those disappear in a haze of effects and at 3:49 the noise begins and you're back to playing the main riff again until the end. That's it. Just listen to the song to find out where the change-ups fit in and you've got it. Not too bad.
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