Automatic Loveletter – Cruel Cruel chords

I'll edit this when i've figured the whole thing out, didn't take me long actually.
Very easy!

Ajust capo wherever is comfortable for you:), if you're playing guitar.
Same chords apply to the piano (as the original song)

***Chords used: G, Em, D, C/ Em, D, C, A/ G, Dm, C, A.

G Em DI wanna run away, somewhere far and somewhere safe.
CSo scared of this place.
G Cause you don't even know me.
Em D You don't even care that i've been lonely, and tired
Cof fighting in the den of the lion where I won't even try.
Em DIn the den of the night I wait, Early morning and I still haven't got some sleep.
CCall me crazy, Call me Baby, You can call me weak,
AYou don't even know, No you don't even know..
Em DThat the weight of the world on me, I've been there and back again and it seems to me,
CThe a promise isn't something you keep,
Aand a secret never lasts, it only sees what you see...
GCause it's a cruel cruel ride,
Dmand if you want to come inside,
CYou better sit up and close your eyes,
Aand hold on for dear life.
GCause if you don't,
DmYou will surely loose your mind,
CBut I won't.
Hope this helps for now! :D
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