Automatic Loveletter – Click Your Heels chords

So I wanted to tab this again as I believe there are a few other chords played and 
some notes that where missed out in the other tab. I've also changed some of the 
lyrics to what I think they really are.


C with hammer on, on the open D string.

e|-------------------| B|----1-1----1-------|G|-------------------| D|----2-0h2--2-------| A|----3-3----3-------|E|-------------------|
This is played at intro and Chorus. The strumming is easy to work out.
C D GHere I lay in my bed
C D GWondering how you are and where you've been.
C D G Dadd9 EmI've got scratches on my hand from the cat begging for attention
C D G Your memory on my lips from the other night when you kissed them
C G D* (When playing the D: Hammer on, on the Open e. See at bottom of page.)Politely subtle and crass.
Broken heart mending a castoff pirate and gypsy with class
C G D (Strum Once)I wasn't prepared for this.
To a ten second count down on New Years kiss.
G D C And when I lay down tonight.
I've been up and down the coast. Left, right, north, east, west ,back home south, And I lay down tonight. In North Carolina, Chicago, New York, and Hollywood and I. I found nobody other than you.
C D GSo time is only a noose.
C D GWith everyday that goes by I'm turning black and blue.
C D G Dadd9 EmMemories feeding my heart.
C DSo much, but it only starves,
C G DUnder the street lights and boulevards.
Like a candle that's light in the dark. I will find. And I will find you. CHORUS
C D GSo here I lay in my bed.
C D GSome new hotel room, but it's mine for 110.
C D G Dadd9 EmBefore I lay down I'm coming home tonight.
C DCause I'm gonna get you back.
e|----2-0h2--2--|B|----3-3----3--|G|----1-1----1--| D|--------------| A|--------------|E|--------------|
Hope this is an alright tab, this is what I play and it sounds about the same. *last chorus on the EP is a different pitch, but haven't figured out what is played there.
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