Avalanche City - Love Dont Leave chords

Yo, First timer, should be right tho.

Capo on first fret if you please!

Am7  Em7

Verse 1:
Am7Her cheeks were red and cold
Em7and i held her hand in mine
Am7she squeezed it tight and i felt the warmth
Em7escape my bones inside
Am7we saw a storm from far away
Em7and we laughed as it wandered by
Am7then it turned around to hunt us down
Em7so we ran away to hide and she said
Am7 Em7love don't leave me now
Verse 2:
Am7her heart was beating fast
Em7and i hoped that we could stay
Am7in our hiding place where it was warm
Em7and cold could not invade
Am7we laughed aloud and talked of things
Em7that happened yesterday
Am7but the storm could hear our voices clear
Em7so it came on its way and she said
Am7 Em7love don't leave me now
Am7well lives in love wont last
Em7if they wont face the day
Am7will you answer this she said
Em7and i hoped it was just a game
Am7but i saw her skin change before me
Em7and cold became her face
Am7so i took my hand from hers
Em7and began to walk away
Am7 Em7love don't leave me now
Not hard..... There you go!
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