Afterlife chords with lyrics by Avenged Sevenfold - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife chords


E     G     A     G

A Elike walking into a dream
A EGAso unlike what you've seen
A E Aso unsure but it seems
E G Acause we've been waiting for ya
A Efalling into this place
A E G Ajust giving you a small taste
A Eof your afterlife here so stay
A E E G A G Eyou'll be back here soon anyway
(pick strings with your hand on them) i see a distant light E G A but girl this cant be right A C A
E Gsuch a surreal place to see
Aso how did this come to be
Garrived to early
E G A C G Fand when i think of all the places i just don't belong
E G A C G FIve come to grips with life and realize this is going to far
E G A i don't belong here we gotta move on dear
G E G escape from this afterlife cuz this time im right
A G to move on and on far away from here
(repeat with different lyrics)
E G A got nothing against you and surly ill miss you
G E Gthis place full of peace and light and i hope you might
A Gtake me back inside when the time is right
E A G A Gloved ones back home all crying cause there already missing me
E A G Fi pray by the grace of god that there's somebody listening
E A G A Ggive me a chance to be the person i wanna be
E A G Foh lord ill try so hard but u gotta let go of me
E G A G E G A G (repeat the chorus and the song ends)
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