Avery - Go Screw Yourself Gsy chords

AVERY  “Go Screw Yourself  (GSY)” chords and lyrics 

Vs 1
G D EmI know I've been holding it in
CThe way I feel about u
G D EmSomething I've been dying to say
CBut I don't know how you’ll take it
D G C Oh Please don't go
D G C You should know
G D EmThese three words , I’ve been holding back
C G DTrying to fight , Imma let em out
G D EmThese three words , gotta let you know
C G DHere I go go go
G D EGo screw yourself
C G DI've had enough yeah , now we’re done
G D E C G DGo screw yourself , not gonna lie yeah it was fun
But go screw yourself Vs 2
G D EmFeels good just to get it all out
Cit's so not overrated
G D EmU can't keep puttin me down
CAnd getting away with it
D G COh now I know
D G C The way to say
Am C DGuess I thought I knew you , Now I know I couldn’t have been more wrong
Am C DI had a feeling it would go this way And I waited waited way too long
G D Em C G Dto say These three words to say
G D Em C G DThese three words To say these three words to say, say , say
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