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Avey Tare And Kria Brekkan – Lay Lay Off Faselam tab

Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan - Lay Lay Off, Faselam (Reversed Version)

The album version is produced in reverse. so, if you pop that origional tune in reverse, 
is how you would play it. Unless you can play the album version how it is than this tab 
work for you.

This song is played in this open tuning
C# G# C# F G# D#

-0-----5--------0---|-0-----5--------0---|-0-----5--------0---|-0-----5--------0---|-0-----5--------0---|-0-----5--------0---|Sometimes I wanna cry
-0------2------------0---|-0------2------------0---|-0------2------------0---|-0------2------------0---|-0------2------------0---|-0------2------------0---|Well you've seen it in my eyesAnd I sorta like this placeSo, why d'you wanna brace
-0-------5---------0---|-0-------5---------0---|-0-------5---------0---|-0-------5---------0---|-0-------5---------0---|-0-------5---------0---|It's a funny little thing
-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-- --0---|-0------2-----0---|Ghostly arrowsseem to come and goWith an "Oh, no"
-0-------5-----0---|-0-------5-----0---|-0-------5-----0---|-0-------5-----0---|-0-------5-----0---|-0-------5-----0---|We had a quiet thing
-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-----0---|-0------2-- --0---|-0------2-----0---|on the soft groundI hear a sad rainkilled the calm sound
thanks everybody and drop me a line if anything seems wrong Here is the paw tracks website
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