Avey Tare – Oliver Twist chords

Oliver Twist by Avey Tare from the album Down There (2010)----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|Lyricsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Movie Sample: He saw what he would look in the rock and see what was in there and I guess that day he saw a skull...one of his dark days.-–-Pothead--- In through the door in my living room I dont wanna know the aura from my bathroom. Should I pull up the floor from my kitchen So I could feel the dirt while Im doing all my dishes? To live in a house but without breathing Is a luxury when you (who) understand its meaning. But in the dark what am I dreaming? The galaxy of stars above a ceiling In my eye Im understanding what I see its hard to think about the time it takes to get from space to me. Yeah I think that you are, Yeah I think that you are but I didnt know whether I should be and then there's the thinking, and then Im thinking of the many who have been here (OR the many who have been me ?) (oooohhhh) Ocean, why do we gotta stick here when we're stuck inside the motion? City grind OR Sick rhyme (not sure), It’s hard to sit myself down when I just think about the ocean. Oh, I'm crying. Shouldn't I be content with what I got and also dying? Demanding I receive something I enjoy if I acquire and I wonder if its me whos just a thief, taking a stash and blazing the grass, digging a hole and digging it deep, (dig for a while) yeah dig for a while cause you never know when to plant the seed, and I must start thinking, and Im thinking of the many whod have been here. (mmmm mmhhhhmmmmmm mmmmmmm)x2 It's going to be a new world with us, It's going to be a founding flaw //OR fine day all. (not sure) And If I had some kind of need Maybe the thing I need is the thing Ive got And if I look inside of me Ill find the thing that gets me to the bot[tom]. And I know that there are needy Some are good, but some are rotten Why should I motivate the needs When I know my needs should be forgotten. x3
-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|------CHORDS-----------------------------|(As interpreted by David Peeler on the piano--you’ll have to figure out the octaves yourself)Play the main riff and then the bridge, twice, then use bass for the mmmhm-inginterlude. Repeat the main riff four times to finish out the song.
/=slide up \=slide down (Main Riff) C B A G C G A G C B A G C D C (Bridge) G A D C B C D C B A (Interlude) G/A D\C\B\A
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