Avril Lavigne – O Holy Night tab

Avril Lavigne and Chantal Kreviazuk
Oh Holy Night
Maybe This Christmas Too
2003 BMG Rcords
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This is 100% correct.

Intro: G (x2)

Chantal Piano: G Keye|------------------3----------------7-------------B|------0-----3-0------1-0-----3-------8---0---1-0-G|-0------0-------0--------0-----0-------7---0-----D|---0------0----------------0-----0---------------A|-------------------------------------------------E|-------------------------------------------------
or do this one; they are the same; you can prefer which is easier for you
Chords used: G- 320033 Bm- x24432 C- x32010 D- xx0232 F#m- 244222 Am- x02210 D7- xx0212 Gsus4- 330033 D/F#- 2x023x Em- 022000 G/B- x20033 Avril: G Bm O holy night C G The stars are brightly shi---ning G D G(Repeat Intro) It is the night of my dear Savior's birth G Bm C G Long lay the world in sin and error pi--ning Bm F#m Bm Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth Chantal: Am D7 G Gsus4 G A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices Am D7 G Gsus4 G D/F# For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn Avril: Em Bm Fall on your knees Am Em Oh hear the angel voices G D/F# G/B C Oh ni--ght divi---ne G D/F# G Oh night when Christ was born D7 D/F# G/B C Oh ni--ght divi---ne G D7 G(Repeat Intro) Oh night Oh night divine Chantal: G Bm C G Truly He taught us to love one ano--ther G D7 G(Repeat Intro) His law is love and His Gospel is peace G Bm C G Chains shall He-- break for the slave is our bro---ther Bm F#m Bm And in His name all oppression shall cease Avril: Am D7 G Gsus4 G Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we Am D7 G Gsus4 G D/F# Let all within us praise His holy name Chantal (Avril in background high-pitched voice) : Em Bm Christ is the King Am Em Then e----ver ever praise we G D/F# G/B C G D/F# G His pa--th and glo---ry e-----ver more proclaim D7 D/F# G/B C G D/F# G(Repat Intro) His pa--th and glo---ry e-----ver more proclaim Interlude: Em-Bm Am Em Oh Oh Oh Oh G D/F# G/B C G D/F# G His pa--th and glo---ry e-----ver more proclaim D7 D/F# G/B C G D/F# G(Let Ring) His pa--th and glo---ry ever mo---re proclaim x-enjoy folks-x
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