Avril Lavigne – Anything But Ordinary tab

Left handed
this is my first tab. hope u guys enjoy!

Verse 1 C G sometimes i get so weird, i even freak myself out F Am G i laugh myself to sleep, it's my lulaby C G sometimes i drive so fast, just to feel the danger F Am G i wanna scream. it makes me feel alive Chorus F G C G Am is it enough to love? is it enough to breath? F G Am somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed F G C G Am is it enough to die? somebody save my life. Gm F Am i'd rather be anything but ordinary please. ***now, just play the same chords for verse 2 that u played for verse 1. then, play the again. Bridge Am Em let down your defenses, use no common sense D G if you look, you will see that this world is a Am Em beautiful accident, turbulent, succulent D G opulent, permanent, no way. Am C D i wanna taste it, don't wanna waste it away. D (strm once and pause) sometimes i get so weird, i even freak myself out G(continue strumming fast) i laugh myself to sleep its my lulaby ***repeat chorus and then play the chords for the part "i'd rather be anything but please" 2 times
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