Avril Lavigne – Touch The Sky tab

Touch The Sky
Avril Lavigne 
Pissed off EP/Quinte Spirit Fest '99

Chords used in the song:

D     xx0232
Dsus4 xx0233
G     320033
A     002220
Em    022000
Bb    113331

Hey Guys, you ain't find touch the sky tab
in other websites so I decided to tab it to my self.
I expect this is always correct. by avvi_182@yahoo.com
My hobbies is tabbig instead of studying coz it's addicting
If you're a Avril, blink 182 fan simultaneously, just
e-mail me dude.

Intro: D

D Dsus4 D Used to carry this big old world G A D on my shoulders and back D Dsus4 D I used to lie inside my room G A D wondering where I am at D Dsus4 D I felt a chill running through my veins G A D And wondered, would I be saved? D Dsus4 D I felt the ice building in my soul G A D Would it melt away? --9-9h10-10/12\10-9-9h10-10/12\10I ---------------------------------I ---------------------------------I ---------------------------------I ---------------------------------I ---------------------------------I chorus: G Dsus4 D He's a warm breeze G A D Breathing life into me G Dsus4 D He's the sunlight G A D Shining down on me D Dsus4 D I used to worry my life away G A D Counting every dime D Dsus4 D Shutting out the ones I loved G A D Never finding the time --2-5-10-7-5-7-5I ----------------I ----------------I ----------------I ----------------I ----------------I D Dsus4 D And then one day I was overcome G A D By loneliness and despair --10-12-10-12-14-14I -------------------I -------------------I -------------------I -------------------I -------------------I D Dsus4 D And deep inside I thought I heard G A D "Lean on me, I'm here" --10-10h12-17-14-110-14I -----------------------I -----------------------I -----------------------I -----------------------I -----------------------I (Repeat Chorus) D Dsus4 d I pulled the burden from off my back G A D And tossed it into the wind D Dsus4 D And stretched my arms toward the sky G A D And let my life begin D Dsus4 D And like a tree, I have measured up G A D Best when I've been cut down And like a tree, I can touch the sky With my feet on the ground --7-10h-12I ----------I ----------I ----------I ----------I ----------I (Repeat Chorus Twice) Yeah (Outro) G A D Shining down on me G A Bm G Shining down, shining down Em A D Shining down on me C G Bb A D hoo hoo.
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