Avril Lavigne - Move Your Little Self On tab

Avril Lavigne
Move Your Little Self On
Let Go B-Sides
2001 BMG/Arista
Submitted by boxcar_avie@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords Used:
G-   320033
Em- 022000F- 133211C- x32010
Em5- 022003Em9- 022002D- xx0232
Intro: G Em F C Hey yeah Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohoho (x2) Pre verse: Em-Em5-Em9--A/C# (x2)
Flute tabbed on guitar (x2)e|-3--2--5-2--5-2--0--|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
Guitar 2: (x2)e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---0---0-----------0-|D|-2---2------0----4---|A|----------0----5-----|E|---------------------|
Verse 1: Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# I will move my little self on Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# it won't be very much longer Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# one day soon he will find me Em-Em5-Em9 A/c# I know this 'cause I believe (Repeat Pre Verse) Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# If I get to know myself better Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# I will be a little less stronger Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# I won't forget everything you told me Em-Em5-Em9 A/c# C yea I miss, the way you'd hold me A/C# the words you told me Chorus: G Em Things happen for a reason, you'll become a stronger person F C G when life tears you up, then you'll understand Em it's never easy, but you'll know when you get there F C Em as it tears you down, it builds you up C well, it built you up (Repeat Pre-Verse) Verse 2: Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# Some girls fall, just like I did Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# they break our hearts, should've broke his Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# get yourself up, strut along further, Em-Em5-Em9 A/C# C my advice, you can do better A/C# just say whatever (Repeat Chorus) Em C It buit you up Bridge: Em A/C# Well, you said you would love me forever Em A/C# well, blablablablablablabla Em A/C# you should maybe watch what you're saying Em D C why, why, why (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: Em C It buit you up G Yayayayayyy
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