Avril Lavigne - Pick Me Up tab

Avril Lavigne
Pick Me Up
Let Go B-sides
2001 BMG Records
submitted by boxcar_avie@yahoo.com

Tuning: Tune half step Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-bb-eb

Chords used:
E-   022100
EM7- 021100AM7- x02120A- x02220
F#m- 244222B5- x244xxC5- x355xxD5- x577xxEb5- x688xxE5- x799xx
Bm- x24432C- x32010G- 320033D- xx0232Em- 022000Gm- 355333Am- x02210
Intro: Resembles to Mission Impossible Movie C5--D5-Eb5-E5--Eb5-D5-C5--D5-Eb5-E5-- (x2) Verse 1: E Don't say no to anything yes EM7 yes, say yes to everything just AM7 find away, to get away (wanna run away?) E let's take off our clothes, and see if EM7 anybody notices then AM7 run away, what d'you say (when I'm okay) F#m A have a little joy have a little faith, live life F#m B5 have a little hope have a lot of fun Chorus: (Just like Intro) C5--D5-Eb5-E5--Eb-D5-C5 D5 Eb5 Coz yeah, yeah, you never know what faithful throw E5--(Hold) to make you stop C5--D5-Eb5-E5--Eb5-D5-C5 I, I, I'm gonna try D5-Eb5-E5-- to let this life Bm C pick me up and take me away Verse 2: E Run up to a stranger kiss and EM7 tell them that you love them and then AM7 walk away you made their day (at least you hope you did) E stand up in a restaurant start EM7 dancing on the table get kicked AM7 out for that behavior (oops I did it again) F#m7 A have a little joy have a little faith, live life F#m7 B5 have a little hope have a lot of fun (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: G D Bm C Don't you know that nothing equals no-thing G D Em C do anything, do everything, do something Em D Em C open up your mouth and let your soul sing Gm Am Gm Am Yeah,Yeah, you never know what faithful throw to make you stop
Guitar solo: while other guitar plays intro riffeb|-12~-12~-12~--18\17p15~-18\17p15~-|Bb|----------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------|Ab|----------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------|
Avril: I, I, I..eb|-20\18p15~-20\18p15~-20\18p15~--19~-22p19~-|Bb|-------------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------------------|Db|-------------------------------------------|Ab|-------------------------------------------|Eb|-------------------------------------------|
(Repeat Chorus while backing up "You could never know")
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