Awolnation – Guilty Filthy Soul chords

I learned this by ear so I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it sounds about right. 
This is my first tab so I don't know if it's right.
6th Fret Power Chord to Eighth Fret Power Chords
Eb-FI'm running outta faith
Eb-FBe careful who you tell.
Bb-CWhoah, Whoah
Eb-FShe's blackening my name.
My Army Never Came It's water under the bridge. Be careful who you tell. Chorus
F- Bb - CCause you gotta look her in the eye.
F-Bb-CCause you gotta know your way of life.
F-Bb-CCause you got a guilty filthy soul
F-Bb-CCause you know it's out of your control
It's basically the same chords throughout. Eb-F For Verses Bb-C for whoahs F-Bb-C for chorus.
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