Ayumi Hamasaki - Until That Day tab

Okay, well here's the riff you first hear at the beginning of the song. The only tricky 
is getting the power chords to go 3-3-1-3; but, to get around that, just don't let your 
be clumsy or sloppy (If that makes any sense :p).

For the verse, just play:E|---B|---G|-7-D|-7- At the beginningA|-5- of each barE|--- until Ayu sings:
"Itsu datte" Which is when you play it on every crotchet (So, every beat). But, only do for one bar, then do it on the in betweens (quavers) as well, and then the ones in those:
The rest just confused me... But I've known this beginning part for so long so I thought share it with other Ayu fans. ^_^
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