Azure Ray - We Are Mice tab

                             We Are Mice - Azure Ray
Date: 02/13/06
Tabbed by: Frank Gualtier

Notes: See tab notes below the song.

    Cm  Ddim  Ab  Cm

      it's all in the eyes
      the wreckless way we dream to die
    G7               Cm
      our past is our future
      the present lies
      somewhere between our hearts and minds
    G7                 Cm
      for those with no future

    Ab                        Bb
      we'll touch hands on the street
    Ab          Bb          Ab             Bb
      smile and keep moving on towards the heat

       Cm                     Ddim
    so keep this a secret our lot in life
             Fm               Cm  Bb  Fm       G    Ddim
    they are elephants we are mice       we are mice

    Cm                     Adim
      we'll walk this earth somnambulant kin
    G7                               Cm
      with broken hearts that cannot mend
    Cm            Adim
      losers first and second men
    G7                           Cm
      we'll do our best to blend in

    Ab                      Bb           Ab
      you could reach for my hand and i yours
             Bb                  Ab
    deliver water to soothe the burn
                     Bb                   Cm
    we'll drink our tears and thirst for more
    it's our lot in life
             Fm               Cm  Bb  Fm       G    Ddim
    they are elephants we are mice       we are mice

    Cm  Ddim  Ab  Bb  Cm  Ddim  Ab  Bb

       Cm                Ddim
    so keep this a secret
    Cm                Bb
    keep this a secret
       Cm  Bb  Fm  Ddim  Cm
    we are               mice

    Notes Continued: Suggested chord positions with bare minimums and more
                     fleshed out fingering in parens.

Cm Cm Ddim Ab Bb Adim G7 Fm Ge|-3---8----1----4---1---5-----7---1---3-------------------------------------|B|-4---8----3----4---3---4-----6---1---3-------------------------------------|G|-5---8----1----5---3---5-----7---1---4-------------------------------------|D|(5)-(10)-(3)--(6)-(3)-(4)---(5)-(3)-(5)------------------------------------|A|(3)-(10)-(2)--(6)-(1)-----------(3)-(5)------------------------------------|E|(3)-(8)--(1)--(4)-(1)-----------(1)-(3)------------------------------------|
Here's the intro and a verse to give you some ideas. Note the two different positions for Cm. Important if you want this to sound right.
Cm Ddim Ab Cme|-3--3--3--3--1--1--1--1--4--4--4--4--3--3--3--3----------------------------|B|-4--4--4--4--3--3--3--3--4--4--4--4--4--4--4--4----------------------------|G|-5--5--5--5--1--1--1--1--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5----------------------------|D|-5-----------3-----------6-----------5-------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Cm Adime|-3---------3-------3--3--5-------5--------------5--------5-----------------|B|-4---------4-------4--4--4-------4--------------4--------4-----------------|G|-5---------5-------5--5--5-------5--------------5--------5-----------------|D|-5-----------------------4-------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| it's all in the eyes the wreckless way we dream to die
G7 Cme|-7--7-----7---7------8--8--8--8--------------------------------------------|B|-6--6-----6---6------8--8--8--8--------------------------------------------|G|-7--7-----7---7------8--8--8--8--------------------------------------------|D|-5-------------------10----------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| our past is our future
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