Adam Sandler – Chris Farley Song chords

[Verse 1]
G D Cadd9 GThe first time I saw him he was sweeter than honey
G D Cadd9Plaid jacket and belt too tight, he wasn't even being funny
Cadd9 DThen he cartwheeled around the room and slow-danced with the cleaning lady
G G/F# EmHe was a one man party
Cadd9 D G Cadd9 GYou know I'm talkin' about, I'm talkin' about my friend Chris Farley
[Verse 2]
G D Cadd9 GOn a Saturday Night my man would always deliver
G D Cadd9 GWhether he was the Bumblebee Girl or livin' in a van down by the river
Cadd9 DHe loved the Bears and Ditka, danced at Chippendale's with Swayze
G G/F# EmWhen they replaced his coffee with Folgers he went full-on crazy
Cadd9 DThe sexiest Gap Girl and Meatloaf in the band
G G/F# EmWithout him there'd be no Lunch Lady in Lunch Lady Land
Cadd9 D G Cadd9 GYou know I'm thinkin' about, I'm thinkin' about my boy Chris Farley
[Verse 3]
G D Cadd9 GAfter a show he'd drink a quart of Jack Daniels then stick the bottle right up his ass
G D Cadd9 GBut hungover as hell that Catholic boy always showed up to morning mass
Cadd9 DWe'd tell him "Slow down, you'll end up like Belushi and Candy"
G G/F# EmHe said "Those guys are my heroes, that's all fine and dandy"
Cadd9 D G G/F# EmI ain't making that stuff up, that's the truth about my boy Chris Farley
[Verse 4]
Em AmI saw him in the office crying with his headphones on
EmListening to a KC And The Sunshine Band song
AmI said "Buddy, how the hell is that makin' you so sad"
C D Dsus4 D Dsus4 DThen he laughed and said "Just thinkin' about my dad"
[Verse 5]
G D Cadd9 GThe last big hang we had was at Timmy Meadow's wedding party
G D Cadd9 GWe laughed all night long, all because of Farley
Cadd9 DBut a few months later the party came to an end
G G/F# EmWe flew out to Madison to bury our friend
Cadd9 DNothing was harder than sayin' goodbye
G G/F# Em Cadd9Except watching Chris's father have his turn to cry
D GHmmm Hmmm
[Verse 6]
G D Cadd9 GHey buddy, life's moved on but you still bring us so much joy
G D Cadd9 GMake my kids laugh with your YouTube clips or Tommy Boy
Cadd9 DAnd when they ask me who's the funniest guy I ever knew
G G/F# EmI tell 'em hands down without a doubt it's you
Cadd9 DYeah, I miss hanging out watching you trying to get laid
G G/F# EmBut most of all I miss watching you toy with Spade
Cadd9 DYou're a legend like you wanted but I still wish you were here with me
G G/F# Em Cadd9And we were getting on a plane to go shoot Grown Ups 3
D G G/F# EmYeah, life ain't the same without you boy
Cadd9 D G G/F# EmAnd that's why I'm singin' about, I'm singin' about my friend Chris Faaaaaaaarley
Cadd9 DAnd if we make enough noise, maybe he'll hear us
N.C. GGive it up for the great Chris Farley
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