Allan Taylor – Scarlet And Grey chords

Am    F  E7
Am    F  E7  Am

C Dm F E7Stop a while and say what's on your mind
AmAnd let your thoughts just ripple down
Em D7 E7 AmUpon the driftin', shiftin' sand
C Dm F E7Let the flower blossom in the sun
AmDon't stop it once it has begun
Em D7Accept and try to understand
G CCome and tell me what you really think
G/B AmSit down and have a little drink
DI will not laugh at what you say
G AmToday
C Dm F E7Never mind the raven on the tree
AmHe does not look at you or me
Em D7 E7 AmHis thoughts are much too far away
C Dm F E7Maybe there are things you'd like to know
AmAnd places that you'd like to go
Em D7Perhaps confusion holds you down
G CPlease don't think that I just want you impressed
G/B AmI'm as confused as all the rest
DExcept for one thing that I appeal
G AmI feel
C Dm F E7In this paper world of here and now
AmI feel I have to tell you how
Em D7 E7 AmYou're something slightly more than real
C Dm F E7There is nothing more you need to know
AmI've told you what I want so you
Em D7Can come with me or you can stay
G CYou can choose the darkness or the light
G/B AmIt's just a question of a fight
DBetween the scarlet and the grey
GHe say
[Outro] Am F E7 Am F E7 Am
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