Babes In Toyland – Catatonic tab

Standard tuning

Intro: E on the "I know the sugar plump fairy.." Then B "..arm, half way done great half harm so she charmed herself to a toilet and fucked herself gold holy.." Back to EE---x-x-----|B---7-7-----|G---x-x-----|D---6-x-----|A---7-6-----|E---x-7-----|
Intro part 2:Then the part where she starts to humE--x---x--x--------|B--x---x--x--------|G--x---x--x--------|D--9---8--6---8----|A--10--9--7---8----|E--x---x--x---6----|
Verse 1:"I know you well.."E--------------|B--------------|G--9-2-5-4-----|D--9-2-5-4-----|A--7-0-3-2-----|E--------------|
Verse 2:"I see you are me" play 2xE--------------|B--------------|G--5------3----|D--5--2-7-3----|A--3--2-7-1----|E-----0-5------|
Chorus:"1,2,3,4,5 glad you're not alive.." Strum Em once and continue back & forth on A# & E power chordsE-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------9----9---9--------|D--2--8-9--8-9-8-9-8------|A--2--8-7--8-7-8-7-8------|E--0--6----6---6---6------|
Outro:"Catatonic planet I won't have itE----|B----|G----|D--8-|A--8-|E--6-| 10xPalm mute after each strum for no feedback
Song order: Intro Intro part 2 Verse 1 Verse 2 Chorus Verse 1 Verse 2 Chorus Outro
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