Babes In Toyland – Handsome & Gretal tab

Subject: TAB:"Handsome and Gretal" Babes in Toyland

	Here's a personal favorite of mine. I haven't found Babes' stuff 
anywhere, so I decided to post a song. (Hopefully other fans will follow my 
lead and contribute a few others) I also have the chorus to "Bruise Violet"
down, but as far as the beginning goes, i'm lost.
	(By the way, this is also rough and missing the chorus)
		Song: "Handsome and Gretal"
		Band: Babes in Toyland
		Album: Fontanelle

Repeat this until the chorus, at which point, you're on your own:

..that's all i've got. if anyone else has stuff, don't hold back on posting it... myles corections/hate mail: DONOVAN@HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU
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