Baby Universal – Dancing Witches chords

Left handed
                        DANCING WITCHES - Baby Universal

Tuning: EADGHe


Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7 F6 G5/D Ebmaj7 F6* Gsus2 Eb/Bb DANCING WITCHES
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7where`re you dancing witches
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7met a man who told me that
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7you`re down with the fishes,now
Bb G D5 Ebmaj7 here I am and sit and beg
F6give me pain and give me mercy
G5/DI am hungry I am thirsty
F6I`m here with the other folks who
Ebmaj7make love in the ruin of this town
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7Do-Do-Do-Do-Doo where`re you dancing witches (3x)
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7Do-Do-Do-Do-Doo yeah-yeah-yeah
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7where`re you dancing witches
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7met a girl with eyes like stars
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7and a tale she told me, now
Bb G5 D5 Ebmaj7I am left out in the dark
give me pain and give me mercy.... where`re you dancing witches....
F6* G5slide, slide, slide
Gsus2 F6* G5now won`t you break the spell tonight
Gsus2 F6* G5all changes in the neonlight
Gsus2 F9* Eb/Bball that changes in the neon twilight tonight
- move over - where`re you dancing witches... *
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