Babybird - Back Together chords


Em Hm C DPut the car in reverse and come back to me
Am Hm C DWithout you this house is a hearse without wheels
You can't work out which cringing, which cringing feels worse When I touch you like this on the place that it hurts Em Hm C D Am Hm C D Chorus:
Em Hm C DGive me all that you have, if you don't I will steal it
All the things that you've lost, I can reel them in
Am Hm C DI'm falling apart every minute of every
Em Hm C DHour. But you're there to put me back together
Again, together again, together Again
Em Hm C DWhen I don't know where you are I feel lost
Your trail feels so warm but I'm covered in frost
Am Hm C DWhen I left in the morning she smelled so good
Em Hm C DThen I whispered quite nicely, quite rightly
I can make you feel good, you can make me feel bad
Am Hm C DI'll never get you back, so you'll never be sad
Chorus. <...every moment of every Day. But you're there to put me back together again Together again Together again Again }x3> Chorus. <...minute...> <...near...> Again! }x3
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