Babyface - With Him tab

                                                      "With Him"

wstęp: Asus2  Dmaj7  Asus2 Dmaj7

cis7                       fis
So ya never meant to hurt nobody
cis7                   fis
Well I think your full of it
 cis7                                   fis
'Cause if ya realy really didn't wanna hurt nobody 
              G                        E                        
You wouldn't slept with my best friend
cis7                            fis
And I bring insult to my injury
cis7                   fis
You weren't a bit discrete
And while the world stood witness
To my embarrassment
         h7                  Esus
You put a knife inside of me

                           A      Am7     Esus4/C# - E
             How could you fall in love with him
                          D          cis7         h7    Esus - E
             How could you give your heart to him
                                A      CIS > CIS7 - DIS7
             Thought we'd grow old     As lovers
               fis7        E          Dmaj7
                Together til' the end
                               D - A
                How could you fall 
                          h7    Esus - E         A    Asus2
                fall in love                    with him
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