Babyshambles - Maybelline tab

			     Maybelline - Pete Doherty
Tabbed by: Rahaiz

Tuning: Standard

This is my tablature (well the main riffs) for the all-new Doherty's little song 
also known as "ill kill him" on YouTube.
Link to the video clip:
The movie shows Pete being strangled by Irina Lazareanu in an imaginary France Albion hotel.

Listen to the song to get the rythm.


G B# Em Ce|3---2---7---3------------------|B|4---3---8---5------------------|G|5---4---9---5------------------|D|5---4---9---5------------------|A|3---2---7---3------------------|E|3---2---7---3------------------|Maybelline Maybelline...
----- Verse -----
G D Em ? De|3---5---7---7---5---------------|B|4---7---8---7---7---------------|G|5---7---9---8---7---------------|D|5---7---9---9---7---------------|A|3---5---7---9---5---------------|E|3---5---7---7---5---------------|
And then again, repeat. Not sure about the rest of the song, might update later.. but that's for the main riffs. for suggestions Alex R. ===============================================================================
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