Babyshambles - East Of Eden tab

East of eden
Tabbed by: Matt Burton

Ok, so this tab is right
I used to play the other tabs listen on here but my friends a genious on the guitar so 
to it one and told me this is the right way to play it! when you play it you'll hear its right

Remember, this song is strummed!

Intro bit:

E5 G#5e -------------------------------------|B ------------------9999999999---------|G ------9999999999--8888888888---------|D ------9999999999--6666666666---------|A ------7777777777---------------------|E -------------------------------------|
Verse: (played once through for intro)
E C#7+9 F#m7 Be ---------------------------2222255554--2222222222--------|B ---------------2222222222--2222222222--4444444444--------|G ----11111111---4444444444--2222222222--4444444444--------|D ----22222222---3333333333--2222222222--4444444444--------|A ----22222222-3-4444444444--4444444444--2222222222--------|E ---------------------------2222222222--2222222222--------|
E E7 A Ame ---------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------222222222-1111111111-----------|G ----1111111111-1111111111-222222222-2222222222-----------|D ----2222222222------------222222222-2222222222-----------|A ----2222222222-2222222222--------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------------|
E C#7+9 F#m7 B E Emaj9e ---------------------------22222-22222--------44444------|B ---------------2222222222--22222-44444--------44444------|G ----11111111---4444444444--22222-44444--11111-44444------|D ----22222222---3333333333--22222-44444--22222-44444------|A ----22222222-3-4444444444--44444-22222--22222-22222------|E ---------------------------22222-22222-------------------|
This is then repeated throughout the song! i've written the chords by the song. Verse: E C#7+9 Ive been wandering East of Eden F#m7 B Been lost, cold, lonesome as a sparrow in the rain E C#7+9 I found myself tumbling to a sinking feeling F#m7 When someone said I done gone wrong B Couldn't feel no shame E E7 I'll be leaving town on the very next train A You can wait for me little girl Am But I won't be coming this way again E C#7+9 F#m7 B E Emaj9 And it ain't nobody's business if I do Verse 2: E C#7+9 There's a slow train rumbling east of a place called Eden F#m7 B Ah, the wind blowing in proud as the trees upon the plain E C#7+9 And a stranger's voice talked to me of liberty and freedom F#m7 Yeah, it seems like he done gone wrong again B And he wears the hat like shame E E7 Well he tasted the fruit of another A Am And when his Margie, when she discovered E C#7+9 Said she's gonna love him ten times more F#m7 B E Emaj9 Ain't nobody's business if she do Verse 3: E C#7+9 He said "some men born rich, some men born poor F#m7 But they're rich in other ways" B Into my heart his wisdom poured E C#7+9 It's no good crumblin, I'm making tracks to live F#m7 When I laid my love down in the light B You should've seen all the things my shadow did E E7 The filth and the fury, the fear and the pain A It's all disappearing now Am Faster than the smoke from this old train E C#7+9 F#m7 B E And it ain't nobody's business if it do E C#7+9 B E Emaj9 One more time: ain't nobody's business if it do Have fun, it's a brilliant song!
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