Babyshambles - Un-bilo tab

Babyshambles Ė Un Bilo Titled

Having seen a couple of other versions on the net which don't quite sound right,
I've put together the correct chords so that they sound right (to me at least).
You should be able to get where the chord changes are exactly right just by
listening.  The chords are the same in each verse and the same in each chorus.

CHORDS: D Dsus2 Am G Ee|-2---0----0--3--0-B|-3---3----1--3--0-G|-2---2----2--0--1-D|-0---0----2--0--2-A|-x---x----0--2--2-E|-x---x----x--3--0-
VERSES: D Dsus2 He is stronger than the walls Am That you tried to build around him G To dumb and dumbfound him D Dsus2 For 2000 years I have waited for this call Am Screaming from the windows G Screaming bloody murder CHORUS: E G The more you follow D The more I get off E G You think that you know me D You're pissing me off E G You think that you own me D Why donít you fuck off
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