Babyshambles - Baddies Boogy tab

Baddies Boggy 

tabbed by Krishna (heethmo)

Intro e|--------------------------| b|----10-8-10----10-8-10----| etc g|--9----------9------------|
Chords for intro C-Am-C-Am-C-Am-G-F
C we dont need no........ no Am dont need no as you are G beware of the man F wholl stab you in the back and shake your hand PRE CHORUS C__________________Am i know tricks are for ghouls ____C______________________Am__________ as he carries her over the threshold he sang F your far good lookin G shut up and do the cookin C__________________Am oh that was 20 years ago and now hes singing CHORUS Am its a lousy life ________________D with a washed up wife ___________________Dm and a permanently plastered _______________Am binged up bastard end of chorus bit Am at club tropicana D drinks are free F______________G__________ throw one in his face for me back to the intro
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