Bachelor Girl – Buses And Trains tab

Corrections by Tim Hills: came across this and thought a couple of corrections would sweeten it up a bit.

Title: Buses And Trains
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

Verse: D A Ge-------------------------------------------------------|b---3-------2----------------------3--------3-----3-----|g------2-------2------2----------0-----0------0-----0---| x4d---4-------2------2---------4/5----------5-----5----(5)|a-------------------------------------------------------|e-------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: G A Dmaj7 G this is the chord voicing for the dmaj7 (?) 0 G A Dmaj7 G 2 G A Dmaj7 G 2 Em A Dmaj7 G 0 x Bridge: Bm E x7 2 G A 3rd Verse: verse riff x3 Em A G A
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