Bachelor Girl – Dont Hold Back tab

Title: Don't Hold Back
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

Chords:	Em	022000		A	x02220
	D	xx0232		G	320003
	C	x32010


Em Eme----------------|----------------|b----------------|----------------|g-------2-----0--|-------2-----0--|d---/4-----2-----|---/4-----2-----|a----------------|----------------|e----------------|----------------|
Em D A Eme----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|b----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|g-------2-----0--|-------2--------|-------4-----2--|-------2-----0--|d---/4-----2-----|---/4--------4--|----------------|---/4-----2-----|a----------------|----------5-----|---/5-----4-----|----------------|e----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
Em You tell me that you're leaving D To get on with your life A You're tired of excuses Em Disconnecting telephone lines You say that there's other reasons D But you don't want to waste your time A You said if I'd ever listened Em It would be the very first time Play intro Em You say you've been grieving D For quite some time A Wrestling insecurity, for that Em You say the blame is mine Why now? You have no answer D You just feel the time has come A You're not listening to anything Em You're not stopping for anyone Chorus: |D |Em |D Bm|Em | |D |Em |C G |A | |Em | D Don't hold back Em Lay it on the line D Give me every tiny reason Em You spurned this love of mine D Cos I can't understand Em Why this is the end C G Don't go before you make it plain A What you think I lack Em Don't hold back Interlude |Em |C |G |A | Em Tell me how you think you can do this D After all that we've been through A Knowing you're the only reason Em For all the things I do Would life have any meaning D If it wasn't spent with you A Before you go can you tell me Em Have you really thought this through Chorus x2 Play interlude x3 |Em |C G | A Not on account of me |Em | C G You can't just leave it here A You only got to make it clear |Em | C G If I only knew A There might be something I could do Play Em x12
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