Bachelor Girl - Permission To Shine tab

Title: Permission To Shine
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

Chords: G	320003		Esus4	022200
	D	xx0232		F#m	244222
	A	x02220		Bsus2	224422
	Asus2	x02200		B	x2444x
	Asus4	x02230		E	022100


G D A G D Ae------------|----------------|------------|---------------|b---8--7-5---|-------5------5-|---8--7-5---|-------5---10--|g----------7-|--6--7------7---|----------7-|--6--7---------|d------------|---------7------|------------|---------------|a------------|----------------|------------|---------------|e------------|----------------|------------|---------------|
Verse: |A Asus2|Asus4 A|D |E | |A E |D D|D |Esus4 | A Asus2 Asus4 A Hey, what would you say D E If I can't play the hero tonight A E D A Cos lately I've been feeling like D Esus4 I can't get anything right Pre Chorus: |F#m |Bsus2 |F#m |Bsus2 | |B |D |D | F#m Bsus2 I've been fading into the woodwork again F#m Bsus2 And I'm feeling like I just wanna hide B But guess what I'm gonna try something just D A little bit different this time A E D A I'm gonna give myself permission to shine D I'm gonna shine so bright Esus4 Gonna make every head wanna turn You're finally gonna see me A E D A Give myself permission to shine D Gonna light up the night E Shine a little of my light on the world Break:
G D Ae-------------|-------------|b---8--7-5----|-------5-----|g----------7--|--6--7----7--|d-------------|-------------|a-------------|-------------|e-------------|-------------|
A Asus2 Asus4 A I've been crazy D E I've been holding myself back for so long A E D A I've got so much I can give D Esus4 Don't wanna be afraid to be wrong F#m Bsus2 You know I'm not too good at too many things F#m But I've been getting real good Bsus2 At getting down on myself B But guess what D I'm gonna try to break free from this prison I've built Chorus Break:
G D A G D Ae------------|-----------------|------------|-------------|b--8--7-5----|-------5------5--|--8--7-5----|-------5--10-|g---------7--|--6--7------7----|---------7--|--6--7-------|d------------|---------7-------|------------|-------------|a------------|-----------------|------------|-------------|e------------|-----------------|------------|-------------|
G D Ae------------|--------|b--8--7-5----|--------|g---------6--|--7-----|d------------|-----8--|a------------|--------|e------------|--------|
B Oh, that's right I'm gonna try something just B A little bit different this time Chorus A E D A (Give myself permission to shine) D I wanna light up the night E Shine a little of my light on the world |A E |D | x6 End:
G D Ae-------------|-------------|b---8--7-5----|-------5-----|g----------7--|--6--7----7--|d-------------|-------------|a-------------|-------------|e-------------|-------------|
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