Bachman Turner Overdrive – Four Wheel Drive tab

You have to hear this song!!!!! It has a real cool riff and the drums are crazy!
Part 1. Distorted guitar, cords, repeat twice.

A5 D5 G5 D5 A5 Let ringe|-------x--|--x---------|b|----3--3--|--3--3------|g|-2--2--0--|--0--2---2-.|d|-2--0--0--|--0--0---2-.|a|-0-----0--|--0------0--|E|-------3--|--3---------|
Part 2. Distorted Guitar, lots of palm muting.
A5 E5 A5 E5|-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-2-2----------2-2-2-----------.||-2-2---2-2----2-2-2-------x-2-.||-0-0---2-2----0-0-0--^----x-2--||-------0-0--3-------3-(4)-x-0--|
Repeat this until 26 seconds into the song the there is this.
G5 D5|--x--2--||--3--3--||--0--2--||--0--0--||--0-----||--3-----|
The chourses are the same as Part 1. During the solo, the rythym guitar is doing Part 2. I've given you the basic outline, use your noggin and listen to the song a few hundred times. Good Luck, Sheldon and Eric W.
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