Backseat Goodbye – 1112 tab

Main Riff. Repeats throughout almost entire song.e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--2-3p2---0-----------------------------------------------------------|D|---3---3---3-2--------------------------------------------------------|A|-3-------3------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
The only part that is different comes after "But nothing ever happened, and never will" and that is just
You'll have to listen to the song to get the timing right, and it goes back and forth both riffs but its pretty simple and straightforward. You took your hand From the sky Said you were tired Of doing someone else's job Then the moon fell And shattered on the ground I said "I’m sorry for the last six months, It’s not your fault you're stronger than the sky" The nights were darker 'til they put it back together The days were brighter though I thought so at least I climbed the clouds with you When it was time to take it back It looked awfully heavy, But you just said, "Relax, I’m just pretending to play God... It’s a one time thing, I promise Besides, I can quit when I want." And then the rain fell Onto our eyelashes We closed our eyes on that Tuesday night And held our hands together But nothing ever happened And never will You’re as human as me I’m as flawless as you Perfect is a word made up by a fool You can't count on page to erase all your doubt A few dollars won't make that broken heart any better A flower can't heal time But the truth can take lies from their Pedestal and push them to the floor You can't prove you'll miss me if you don't stay A picture’s worth a thousand words, But your love is much more We can say "one day" all we want. But I’d much rather it be "today" You’re on tip toes waiting for the sunlight And I can't wait for this rain to go away
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