Backseat Goodbye – Hey chords

repeat chords given at the same time throughout song.
no capo.. standard tuning
when playing the C add pinky finger to bottom string on 3rd frett.

[G]hey i think you're cute
[D] [C] would you like to be my new best friend?
we can talk for hours or just lay in bed you're just the kind of kid i could grow old with so won't you walk with me to the park up the road i told you that i'd be right back you said that i'll be the judge of that 'cause see boys they have a tendency of running from me as fast as they can i don't know why and i just laughed and asked if you'd like a coke or some sort of assorted beverage from the diner up the road if so, you should walk with me feel free to hold my hand feel free to kiss me on the cheek even though i'd prefer the lips hey i think you're groovy would you wanna see a movie with me? we can sit in uncomfortable seats and eventually i'll get the nerve up to put my arm around you can i put my arms around you? 'cause i'd sure like to it'll be like an episode of boy meets world except without the commercials and i'm just fine with that how about you? i like the way you talk i like your died black hair i love your halfass accent you stole from the foreign movies i like your pretty eyes and how you're afraid of the dark well i am too, so would you like to take a walk with me through a well-lit park just up the block i'll be the bright side of your bad day i'll be the bright side of your bad nights i'll be the bright side of your bad day if you'll be mine
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