Backstreet Boys - You Cant Let Go tab

Title: You Can't Let Go
Artist: Backstreet Boys
Album: Unbreakable

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Tuning: Standard

       This is the new song of Backstreet Boys from their new album      
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: C-G-Dm-F-C-G

C           G
I can see in your eyes
Dm                   F
Broken windows, fallen skies
C           G             Dm-F
Baby,baby, what you hidin from
C                      G
The light that followed you around 
Dm          F        
Lately, nowhere to be found
C                   G               Dm-F
Do't you know that I'm your place to run


F             C
You been holding on so long
G                                    F
Trying to make believe that nothing wrong
F                G
Not letting it show
   F                      C
And there ain't nothing you can do
C                        G
To make me turn away from you
Dm             G   
I need you to know

That you can't let it go

C                  G
Shifting through shattered dreams
Dm            F      
Livin' in the in between
C                  G          Dm
Baby, babe it's gonna be alright
(You can't let fo)
C                               G Dm
when you're lost, let down, disappointed
And jerked around in this cold, cold, world
C              G            F
I will always be by your side
(repeat chorus)

Gm                             F
Don't be afrad when you're falling apart
Don't hesistate I'll be right where you are
Open your eyes there's rack in the dark

D            A
Never let me see you cry
Bm                        G
You looked it somewhere deep inside
D              A            Em
Baby, baby let me hold you tight'
Make it alright

Baby,baby gonna be alright
Cause I'm by your sude
When the whole world turn against you
       Dm          F       G 
(I won't letting against you)

Not letting it show
Baby, Babe gona be alright 
Cause I'm by your side
           G                 Dm
When the whole world turns against you
You can't let it go
(repeat chorus)

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