Backstreet Boys – Panic tab

Title: Panic
Artist: Backstreet Boys
Album: Unbreakable

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Tuning: Standard

       This is the new song of Backstreet Boys from their new album      
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: Am-G-Am

Stop it,stop it
Stop it,stop it
Go, stop and go
I just hit static
I used to read you Loud and clear 
Not like this, it's so erractic

And I'm not rational
           Dm   Am
When I see you around
    G          F
Your inconsistency
                       Dm       Am
And you know it's dragging me down
  G           Am
You're so conflicted baby


Am                    G-D
You're always walking away
Am                C          G
One step and everything's over
And you're running back t me
Am          C
You say I let you down
C              Dm         
Baby take me in or just take me out
I'm already dead, I already said ( I already said)

I'm sorry

Stop it
I've made mistake, I've been an addit
A blid fanatim don't you know
You're not immune to the panic
With somebody

             Dm           Am
When the snow hits your skin
 G                     F
The cold don't last forever
               Dm    Am
But' you're livin again
G                          E
If you don't let seaons change

(repeat chorus)

F           E               Am
How many times do i have to say it
C      F      E     Am Bb
Before you believe me
Stop it, stop it
stop andgo


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