Backstreet Boys – Evergreen tab

Hey what's up.. i'm jose luis.. i'm from venezuela and well.. this is the second song 
i put in this page (the firts one was satellite by the backstreet boys).

...i don't know if this tab is 100% correct but i do my best xD so.. check it out and 
what do you thik (Y) mi msn is jclz_tk_m@hot..

NOTE: i also submit the whole song, so when you have learned this tab you can play it 
the song.. by the way.. this is a really good song.. so.. good luck.. i hope you enjoy it xD


e-----------|--0-2-3--3-0-2-2--2-3-2--------||B------5-0--|------------------------3-5-0--||G----4------|-------------------------------|| (x2)D--5--------|-------------------------------||A-----------|-------------------------------||E-----------|-------------------------------||
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