Backstreet Boys - Bigger chords version 2

Bigger - Backstreet Boys
Songwriters: Amber,Tiffany;Martin,Max;Schuster,Johan Karl

Standard Tuning

Intro: C-C

Verse: [C - Am - F - G]First off, I can't keep a promise, I'm no one to count on at all
Add on that I'm a coward, too scared to return your call Chorus:
C Em AmBut you don't care, you keep sticking around
G F C AmWhile I'm acting a clown, you're bigger, lalalalala lalalalala
G C Em Am'Cause you're still here, your feet stuck to the ground
G F C AmDespite how silly it sounds, you're bigger than me, lalala
Verse: [C- Am- F - G]It's known that I'm a liar, often I'm blacker than white
Add on my unkinded ego, no one's less humble than I (Repeat Chorus)
C Am -'re bigger than me
Am C F - DmAll the messed up things I do, yeah, I swear I'll make 'em up to you
Am CBefore you go and have enough, just let me make it better
FI'll try and measure up, I'll try and measure up to you, oh yeah
[C - Am- F - G]e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-5--7~--5/10-10-10-9-5--5/10-10-10-9--9-5-4~-----------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
I'll make 'em up to youe|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------8------------------|G|-5--7~--5/10-10-10-9-5--5/10-10-10-9--9-5-4~--5---10-9~------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Oh yeah
(Repeat Chorus)
C Am...just bigger than me, lalala...
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