Backstreet Boys - Thats What She Said chords version 1

DThere are people
G AWho say what you wanna hear
DEven on a rainy day
G AThey tell you the sky is clear
DWhen you really really love someone
GAm I right when I say
AThat you want them near
DAnd if you can, you'll even tell
G AThem things that they wanna hear
D G AAlways, forever
All the things she said
D G ANever say never
Those simple lies that she fed
D G AI will never leave you
All the love I thought she had
D GBut can you blame me
ACuz that's what she said
D G That's what she said
A DShe told me we'd see forever
D G That's what she said
AShe said
DAnd there are people who
G ASay what they really mean
D GShe said she'd always be there
AShe said she'd always care
D GBut just when you think that you can trust that
Asomeone you love
DTell me
how do you know
GHow stars can fall from above
Chorus(1) and chorus 2
G That's what she said
A DShe told me we'd be together
G A DThat's what she said,she said ya
EmCause you made promises
AThat you couldn't keep
EmBut you're not hurting yourself
AYou're only hurting me
EmWhy would you say things
AThat you really didn't mean
G Oh how can I make you see
A Just what you did to me
D BmYou said how much
DYou really cared
BmJust when I thought I was in love
Girl, how could you dare
DIf I were you I could never
BmLie even once
G To the face of the one
A That I love so much
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