Backstreet Boys - Nowhere To Go chords


F# Abm Looking for beauty in a certain
B EFinding the strength inside a gray
F# Abm Maybe you're heading for a breakdown
E And maybe that's ok
F# Abm Could be that you're hanging on for dear life
B EMaybe you need to get a grip
C#m Cause you're the only one
F# That makes me feel like this
A E B F#Save me I'm falling again
A E Keep me from
B Breaking in a million pieces
C#m A B F# In the end no matter what I do
A B There's nowhere nowhere to go
F#Nowhere to go but you Abm B E
F# Tryin to make nothing
Abm Out of Something
B E Promise myself I wouldn't care
F# Abm Maybe you're making me a liar
ECause I'm sitting here
F# AbmFinally cracking my resistance
B E And find a way to wear me down
C#m I just look at you
F# And there's no way out
AEvery single road I take (it's you)
EAsleep or wide awake (it's you)
C#m BAnd it's too late for anyone to save me
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