Backstreet Boys – Back To Your Heart tab

T1: Frank,, Backstreet Boys, Back to Your Heart,

S1: This is the first time I'm trying to tab something, so please
excuse the simplicity of it.  (Strange I picked this song, since I'm
more of a Limp Bizkit kinda guy.) I know the tab competition is over,
but I figured I'd send this anyway to be posted., Intro1(play 2x):

Verse 1: D A/C# It's not that I can't live without you G Em A D It's just that I don't even want to try A/C# C Every night I dream about you Em A G Ever since the day we said goodbye D/F# Em If I wasn't such a fool D G Right now I'd be holding you D/F# C There's nothing that I wouldn't do Asus A Baby if I only knew Chorus1: D Bm The words to say G The road to take A D To find a way back to your heart Bm What can I do G To get to you A And find a way back to your...
D A/C# G I don't know how it got so crazy Em A D But I'll do anything to set things right A/C# C Cos your love is so amazing Em A G Baby you're the best thing in my life D/F# Em Let me prove my love is real D G And make you feel the way I feel D/F# C I promise I would give the world Asus A If only you would tell me girl (Chorus1) Bridge: G D/F# Em D Give me one more chance, to give my love to you G D/F# C Asus A Cos no one on this earth loves you like I do ...... tell me (Chorus1) but change last line to: G A E And find a way back ... to your heart Chorus2: E C#m I turn back time A To make you mine B E And find a way back to your heart C#m I beg and plead A Fall to my knees B To find a way back to your heart (Chorus1)
Ending: ...........................back to your hearte--------------------------------------------------0--B---------5-5-5-4-4-4p2---------------------------0---G-------1---------------4-2----------------------1----D---2-4-----------------------------------------2-----A--2-------------------------------------------2------E-0-------------------------------------------0-------
Lemme know if you have any questions, corrections, complaints, etc. A HUI HO! --Frank
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