Bacon Brothers - Peace Dance Acoustic tab

Song: Peace Dance (Acousic version)
Album: Bacon Brothers Live
Year: 2005
Tabbed by: Guitar Hero 7 aka a bacon brothers fan (vanessa)

ok, luckily, i was able to find an easy version of the song and here it is: Peace dance,
very cool bacon brothers song.....plz note this is my first tab and im only 12 so dont
if it sux....theres like no bacon brothers tabs out there...i had to transcribe it by 
and just carefully watch kevin's hands (i recomend watchin the vid first...if you dont
the dvd, go to and look up the vid

heres the tab...enjoy!!!! and also note this is the UNPLUGGED version of the song!!!!!!
the version on the album white knuckles

Intro: (i advise LOTS of palm muting!!!!) (this is the part where kevin is talking)

Pre Chorus
well, thats basically the tabs....heres the lyrics to the song and when to play which parts this song reallt wasnt meant to be played unplugged (intro) 1-2 da da da da she go the sexy emotion (verse) she got the dutch boy pants i think i might have a notion fellas i think im gonna have to dance i may look half dead (pre chorus) but im still alive i wanna do it like i did back when the records ran 3:05 i wanna get up, get down when i hear that sound (chorus) feel the bass in my body move around till i get that, sweet release shake it once, shake it twice shake it again i wanna shake away sadness, shake away pain i wanna dance, to find some peace, yeah!!!!!!! theres finger on some buttons (verse) they wanna blow this world sky high theres finger on some triggers and more than one of us will die and i've got this time bomb in my heart if i dont disarm i think im gonna blow apart Chorus Wilson picket said sha la (verse) na na na na na na, na na na na yeah! na na na na na , na na na na Yeah!!!! before this juke join closes (verse) you gotta gimme have a chance even my man moses he said pharaoh you gotta let my people dance sometimes i feel so white guess what baby not tonight play just the pre chorus with no lyrics, then just play the chorus. there you have it...the bacon brothers peace dance acoustic tab...i plan on posting ,ore brothers tabs soon!!!!!!!!
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